How to raise empty sows?

For sows with better lyrics, in order to protect the sow from mastitis after weaning, appropriate reductions in concentrates should be started 3 days before weaning to increase the amount of green or roughage so that the amount of feed consumed on the day before weaning is reduced to 1.8. Below kilograms to allow sows to dry as quickly as possible. Increase the concentrates to 4 days after weaning to promote the rapid recovery of the sows. At the same time, appropriate supplements such as fishmeal, eggs and other high-quality proteins and vitamins can be added to promote estrus and increase ovulation. For sows who are overweight during the post-lactation period, concentrates, green feed, and vitamin supplements should be added after weaning to allow the sows to recover quickly and increase ovulation. For sows that have not been estrus for more than one week, vitamin A (A, D, E) can be used for intramuscular injection.

Enzalutamide Intermediates

Cas 143782-23-4,Enzalutamide Intermediates,6-Bromo-2-Chloro-8-Cyclopentyl

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