Field management of French green beans

Seedling stage 25-30 days after emergence, combined with 15 acres of urea watering acres, and pay attention to cultivator weeding, root soil. From the bud, 0.2%-0.3% urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution were mixed with 0.01%-0.03% ammonium molybdate solution, and the plants were sprayed 2-3 times. Ye Kang or Green Heng Tianbao 2-3 times, is conducive to flowering.

After flowering and pod planting and planting, the pods need to increase the amount of watering when they start to elongate, keep the soil moist, and combine with watering acres to chase 20 kg of Coca-Cola to promote the growth of pods. Since then, the temperature has decreased, and the amount of evaporation and swallowing has decreased. Generally, only about 7 days can be achieved. In case of high temperatures above 30°C during the flowering period, the water can be sprayed on the ground and sprayed in the field to change the microclimate and promote scab.

The main pests of green beans are aphids, red spiders, whitefly and bean fly. The locusts can be controlled with high efficacy and low toxicity of quinone, imidazolium or green quinacrid; Green Hunter 2% avermectin can control spider mites and other pests. Diseases mainly include rust and root rot, which can be controlled by using 100 Fen Spraying, or Green Funger No. 1 or Hymexazin and other fungicides to increase production and ensure quality.

    Visual Testing is the most commonly used test method in industry. Because most test methods require that the operator look at the surface of the part being inspected, visual inspection is inherent in most of the other test methods. As the name implies, VT involves the visual observation of the surface of a test object to evaluate the presence of surface discontinuities. VT inspections may be by Direct Viewing, using line-of sight vision, or may be enhanced with the use of optical instruments such as magnifying glasses, mirrors, boroscopes, charge-coupled devices (CCDs) and computer-assisted viewing systems (Remote Viewing). Corrosion, misalignment of parts, physical damage and cracks are just some of the discontinuities that may be detected by visual examinations.

Visual Testing Device

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