Determination of rapid detection methods for pesticide residues in China

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 20 (Reporter Zhu Liyi and Hu Hao) The State Food and Drug Administration announced on the 19th that the first batch of catering services such as organophosphorus pesticide residues, frying or cooking oil polar components, etc. The scope of testing methods is determined to ensure the scientific and impartiality of rapid detection work in the food safety supervision and law enforcement of catering services.

The scope of the first batch of rapid detection methods includes rapid detection of organophosphorus pesticide residues, rapid detection of polar components in frying or cooking oil, rapid detection of nitrite in foods, and fast poppies in hot pot bottoms. Detection, rapid detection of malachite green in aquatic products, rapid detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in food, and rapid detection of surface cleanliness.

According to the announcement, the acceptance unit for the food safety rapid detection method for catering services is the China Food and Drug Testing Institute. The time limit for the first batch of rapid detection methods is as of February 28, 2012.

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