Can pregnant women eat?

According to the ancient medicine book, the fact that it is "food is not old and the food for the elderly is prolonged" is a good food product. It has the characteristics of "make up without staleness," and "dryness is not greasy". It is the food of choice for autumn tonics. It is a mature seed plant of Nymphaeaceae and Euryaleterox Salish. It is mainly produced in Jiangsu, Shandong, Hunan, Hubei and Anhui provinces and other areas. Harvest mature fruits at the end of fall and winter, remove the skin, remove the seeds, wash, remove the hard shell (outer seed coat), dry, stir fry with raw or bran.

Nutritional value

1. Rich in starch, it can provide heat energy to the human body, and contains a variety of vitamins and carbon substances to ensure that the body needs nutrients;

2. Gorgon can strengthen the intestinal absorption function, increase urinary xylose excretion rate, increase serum carotene concentration; Experiments show that the increase of serum carotene level can make the incidence of lung cancer, gastric cancer decreased, and greatly reduce the chance of cancer.

Edible effect

Nature, sweet and astringent, non-toxic, human spleen, kidney;

With solid kidney astringent essence, complement spleen stop leaking, dampness and health effect;

Indications waist and knee pain, nocturnal emission, turbidity, vaginal discharge, urine can not help, stool diarrhea and other illnesses.

Apply to the frequent diarrhea caused by weak spleen and stomach: 30 ml of wolfberry solid, add appropriate amount of sugar and mix thoroughly, add boiling water into a paste, 3 times a day, even for 10 days.

For people

suitable for majority of the people

1. Suitable for women with many leucorrhea products, kidney deficiency and backaches, children with excess urine, elderly people with urinary frequency, premature ejaculatory diarrhea, chronic diarrhea, and chronic enteritis;

2. There is a strong astringent effect, and constipation, urinary diarrhea, and postpartum women are inedible.

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