Buy and use foliar fertilizer

Foliar fertilizers include many varieties, summed up in two main categories: First, fertilizer-based, containing several or dozens of different nutrients, these nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, amino acids, humic acid Etc. Second, pure plant growth regulators or plant growth regulators are added to the above fertilizers. Foliar fertilizers are fertilizers that are absorbed by the leaves of plants. Their use methods are mainly foliar sprays, and some can also be used to soak seeds and roots. There are about 2,000-3,000 kinds of foliar fertilizer on the market, and only 1200 products have obtained the registration certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture. The following aspects should be noted when purchasing foliar fertilizer: 1. Foliar fertilizer is only one of the root fertilizers. Auxiliary methods can't replace root fertilization Many plant fertilizers have been added with plant growth regulators, which have the effect of promoting the division of crop cells. This requires the use of a large number of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium elements to fertilize the soil to ensure that crops have nutrients. The needs of the fertilizer can be fully exerted. 2. When buying the foliar fertilizer, the different components of the foliar fertilizer have different effects due to the soil and the crop. Because the instructions are written to have the effect of increasing production, the effect of the different ingredients is different after use. The method and effect of achieving the purpose of increasing production are also different. For example, the amino acid-containing foliar fertilizer has outstanding characteristics for improving the quality of crops; the foliar fertilizer containing fulvic acid has the effect of resisting drought; and in the calcareous soil or saline soil, the iron is mostly insoluble trivalent iron, and the plants are difficult. Absorption, often suffering from chlorosis, cultivation of fruit trees in the red and yellow soil, often trace element deficiencies, such as zinc deficiency, to take root dressings can directly supply nutrients, avoid nutrient absorption or transformation by the soil, improve fertilizer effect. If foliar fertilizer containing only trace elements is sprayed on the ground without trace elements, the original effect will not be obtained. Therefore, pay attention to the ingredients in the purchase of foliar fertilizer, according to the need to purchase. 3. When buying foliar fertilizer, it depends on whether there is a registration number issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. All products that have obtained the registration certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture have undergone stringent field tests and product inspections, and the quality is guaranteed. Excerpted from China Agricultural Press>

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