Breeding method of carp seedlings

Whether the carp pond aquaculture can obtain good economic benefits, and the seedling cultivation stage is the key.

1, seed acquisition. Fertilized eggs were purchased from Heilongjiang and hatched on their own. Egg diameter of fertilized eggs is about 2 mm, and eggs are immersed. Water temperature is kept between 195 and 20.6°C. After about 80 to 120 hours, all larvae can be hatched. The hatching rate is 80%. During the whole process, the larvae in the incubator There is a certain time lag between film exits, so at the moment the first larvae come out of the membrane, they will collect specially hatched larvae with hatchlings in batches.

2, the cultivation of seedlings

Stage 1: The newly hatched larvae are incubated in micro-flowing water on the hatching ring plate. Stocking density is 6000/m2. There is no feeding behavior of fry at this stage. During this period, sufficient oxygen must be ensured. Everyday operation should be done with care. After 4-5 days, after the yolk sac of larvae absorb 2/3, feed can be fed. . Due to the domestication stage, seedlings often die in large numbers. In response to this common phenomenon, I prepared powdered feeds for S1, S2, and S3 (crude protein content ≥ 45%), combined with Artemia, water puffer (without worms), and achieved better results. In half a month, the bait rate reached 45%. At this time, the fry has grown to about 3 cm, and can be fed with feed S3.

Stage 2: The fish fry above 3 cm must be transferred to the cultivation pond for cultivation. At this stage, the cultivation tank is designed to be 3 meters, 1 meter and 0.5 meters. The top of the pool is filled with water. The drainage hole is drained through the overflow overflow pipe. The top of the pool should be covered to prevent sunlight. Direct, heavy rain and other hazards fry.

Feeding amount is fed according to 25%-45% of the fish's body weight. According to the principle of small quantity and multiple times, it is fed 8 times daily. Before each feeding, decontaminate, stop air and stop water.

Stage 3: When the fry grows to more than 10 cm, move it to a 6-meter-to-four-meter-meter pool. Before moving into the pool, the cement pool is first disinfected with 20ppm potassium permanganate solution, brushed clean, and when the fish fry are transferred, the fish body is dipped with 10ppm of Dimethicin for 3-4 minutes, then the lower pool, when the species grows to 25cm or more, 50- At a weight of 100 grams, the squid breeding phase was considered successful, and at this time, it is safe to use it for breeding.

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